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As of 2022, the foreign-born population living in the United States was 46.2 million.

Almost 22 million of them were NOT U.S. citizens.

Approximately 3.5 million illegal aliens have crossed the border illegally or entered through ports of entry and been released into the United States by the Biden Administration. An additional almost 2 million illegal aliens crossed into the United States without being apprehended by Border Patrol (i.e., “gotaways”).

Additionally, it is likely that around one million legal immigrants were admitted into the country in 2023, along with hundreds of thousands of nonimmigrant workers.

Altogether, this means that as many as 29 million noncitizens are currently living in the United States.

The main categories of noncitizens are:

While the voter registration form requires applicants to check a box and sign their name to affirm that they are U.S. citizens and provide an ID subject to state law, most states only require a driver's license, non-operating license, and/or Social Security number. However, all 50 states issue driver's licenses and ID cards to most noncitizens, and 19 states and the District of Columbia issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Furthermore, any noncitizen with an Employment Authorization Document (work permit) is eligible for a Social Security number. Therefore it's up to state election officials to determine whether an individual is actually a U.S. citizen or not, and federal law prohibits them from requiring documentary proof of citizenship.

On March 7, 2021, Pres. Biden issued Executive Order 14019, requiring all federal agencies to, among other things:

Under the Biden EO, the Department of Homeland Security--the agency tasked with issuing nonimmigrant visas, securing our nation's borders, and inspecting foreign visitors at ports of entry--would be required to provide voter registration and election resources to every individual it comes into contact with, including noncitizens.

Additionally, the Office of Refugee Resettlement under the Department of Health and Human Services, would be required to provide voter registration and election resources to individuals it comes into contact with, including asylum seekers and family units who are apprehended by Border Patrol after crossing the border illegally.

There is some evidence of noncitizens being given voter registration forms. On May 1, 2024, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster ordered South Carolina Law Enforcement to "investigate allegations involving the South Carolina Health Department providing non-citizens with voter registration forms."

In December 2023, Rep. Nicole Mailliotakis (R-NY) obtained and made public a contract between the city of New York and the non-profit Homes for the Homeless to provide shelter to illegal aliens. The contract requires the organization to distribute voter registration forms to individuals who stay at the shelters.

There is also some evidence of noncitizens voting in federal elections. The Washington Times talked to a noncitizen who had been granted parole and registered and voted in North Carolina during the 2016 election.

Additionally, the Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project has documented 1,499 proven instances of voter fraud, including several instances of noncitizens attempting to vote or register to vote.