The Immigration Accountability Project educates the American public about the actions, votes, and statements of their elected representatives on immigration issues and their impact on America. Our goal is to provide educational resources, through the use of social media and other electronic and print media, to encourage a civil discourse on immigration issues and policy.

The staff of IAP analyze current and proposed federal immigration policies in order to educate the public on these policies. IAP engages in media interviews, creates educational social media posts, publishes fact sheets and blogs on, and participates in civic forums regarding immigration.

The Immigration Accountability Project supports immigration policies that:

  • Secure the border and stop illegal immigration;
  • Uphold the rule of law;
  • Protect American workers and their wages by reducing immigration levels; and
  • Serve the national interest.

Americans need to know that mass immigration -- legal and illegal -- threatens the safety and security of all American communities, and Congress and the administration need to be held accountable.

IAP is a team of policy, politics, law, and media experts with more than six decades of experience under our belts. We understand that Congress only acts when voters demand action, and we know how to generate that demand by engaging voters on immigration policies.